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Shopping for a good cause

Do you want to donate pragmatically, directly and transparently? That’s what our Charity Shop is all about. The products offered are medical equipment and materials that are urgently needed in the hospital in Donkorkrom. In order to get them on their way to Ghana, we need your support. You can decide for yourself which products you would like to finance with your donation.

3 easy steps

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1. Browse The Shop

Find out what is missing from the Presbyterian Hospital Donkorkrom.
Every product listed in the shop has been carefully selected by local doctors. For each product we have explained what it is needed for. This way you can choose which product you would like to fund.
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2. Donate Product Costs

With your donation we can order the product.
After you’ve made your selection, click “buy now” or “add to cart” to securely and transparently make a donation equal to the cost of the product so we can order it.

3. Shipping To Ghana

We get the product on its way for you.
Once we have ordered the product, we will prepare it for shipment to Donkorkrom. This way you can send an urgently needed medical aid donation to Africa with just a few clicks. When the product arrives in Donkorkrom, you will be notified by us.
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Small Contribution with
big Impact

For the somewhat larger donations, we have set up fundraising projects in order to enable these important investments together. Help the Presbyterian Hospital Donkorkrom with your donation today!

3 easy steps

Our larger Donations

1. Browse The Shop

Find out what is missing from the Presbyterian Hospital Donkorkrom.
The major donations are larger investments that we want to fund collectively. You can choose exactly which fundraising project you would like to personally support.
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2. Contribute To A Product Fundraise

Together we can also manage larger investments!
You choose the amount you would like to donate. Monthly donations are also possible. As soon as the costs for one of the projects have been collected by our donors, we can start: We contact the manufacturer and order the respective product.

3. Shipment to Ghana

We send the device on its way on behalf of all donors.
We then prepare the delivery for shipment to Ghana. On our website and on social media we transparently inform about all developments of the collective donation projects, up to the moment of handing them over to the doctors in Ghana!


In our shop you will find various products that you can buy for the Presbyterian Hospital in Donkorkrom. We will take care of sending your selected and paid product on its way to Ghana as soon as possible.
No. You do not purchase this product for yourself but donate it. You will not receive the product personally. We ensure that it is brought to Donkorkrom.
The amounts for small donations are in a range that in most cases can be paid by one person. However, we also want to give you the opportunity to contribute to larger medical equipment that is needed in Donkorkrom. With an amount chosen by you, we can collect together until we have enough to get the equipment.

Of course! For large donations, you can simply indicate how much you would like to donate each month. If you decide to support us on a monthly basis, you can withdraw at any time. 

We are still at the beginning of our shop and therefore use a third-party provider which only operates in English. If you need it in another language, please contact us – we will translate the email for you!
Yes, definitely! You can donate in the name of another person and you will receive a nice certificate of donation from us by email – with the name of your choice, to print out yourself.
No, the donation certificate is not a donation receipt. If you need a donation certificate for your tax return, please contact us at By the way, in Germany you only need a donation receipt for donations exceeding 200€.

We set a fixed price for the selected goods. The price is determined from the price of new goods at the dealer, plus 1 euro per KG weight for temporary storage and safe transport of the goods to the community in Donkorkrom.

We are obliged to return all other donations to the donor after the purpose has been fulfilled. However, you also have the option to donate the remaining amount for other statutory purposes. To do so, check the consent box after entering your billing details.